Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Year final post

I chose this photo for my cover image because of the focus
 it has on the girl and her expression is very strong.What makes
this photo good is that it fills the frame,has good depth of field,
and shows good emotion.
Sophmore Hailey Bray participates in the al anticipated
Methane bubble lab in theoretical chemistry.
This photo has good emotion, follows the rule of thirds,
 and has a good focal point. 
Varsity cheerleader Elise Ciferri (sophmore) Cheers on the lady jays basketball team
in the feildhouse, on senior night of the 2016 season.
This photo is in the rule of thirds has good depth of field.This
photo shows the cheerleader(s) in a new perspective.
During her las regular season basketball game in the new feildhouse, Senior
Sydney Offield try's to defend the ball.
This photo follows the rule of thirds, has
some framing, and good emotion. 
Teachers children celebrate there win after a fun game
during take your child to work day.
Although this photo doesn't have much composition there is a slight leading lines
but has good emotion.
During a fun day in theoretical chemistry Sophmore Mackenzie Dearing
gets her turn holding fire.
This photo has some leading lines from her arms to the fire
but mostly has good emotion.
Senior Allison Niemeier holds a lizard during environmental clubs
"The Lorax" night to spread awareness about endangered animals.
This photo has leading lines and makes you look from her to the animal
and has a good focal point on not just her but the lizard as well.

During the girls basketball final game of the regular season
the varsity cheerleaders show off there tumbling skills during a time out.
This photo dosen't have much composition but is a good
action shot and has some leading lines. 
The environmental club holds a night full of animals and the movie "The Lorax"
to recognize endangered species.
This photo fills the frame very well with a good focus on
the turtles head and not its whole body.
JV Sapphires dab during there halftime performance at the
lady jays basketball game.
This photo shows repetition and leading lines
Senior Morgan Feming prepares for a free through
at basketball's senior night.
This photo has a good depth of field and facial expressions.
During the environmental clubs "The Lorax" night endangered animals
are shown to help spread awareness.
This photo has good focus and follows the rule of thirds.
Senior Hanna O'Leary finishes up her project in observational drawing.
This photo has good focus on the drawing and good leading lines from
her, to her arm/hand, to her drawing.


Thursday, May 5, 2016

Photo Essay

  For my photo essay I wanted to show the old and the new with Liberty High Schools athletics.With the years going by some teams push and push to stay on top, while others push just to get near the top.All of Liberty's athletics have been great, but some of the teams are so amazing they pull off something amazing.Although things ave changed throughout the years are alma mater has always stayed and cheered us on to greatness.
Boys basketball win state 1998

Boys cross country place 2nd at state 1983

Boys cross country place 2nd at state 1999

Boys cross country place 2nd at state 200
Girls basketball win state 2007
Cheerleading win state 2008

Girls basketball place 3rd at state 2016
Cheerleading win state 2015
Sapphires win state 2016

Thursday, April 28, 2016

March post

  Sophomore Rih James cutting out a template for a shirt."I like having a class that I can make stuff of my own"Said Sophomore Olivia Mayberry.Student have the opportunity to create there own clothes, bags, or anything else they can think of in this class.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Thematic Photo Essay

These pictures below are what I think show Freedom, Love, Beauty, Enthusiasm, Courage, Excitement, Fear, Loss, Pain, and Success.

I thought this represented freedom because once you are out of high school/college you are free.
I thought this showed love because of the expressions on there faces
show that they are happy and the two older women
probably love that there is someone to be there with them.

I think this shows beauty because in that child's eyes there mom is still beautiful
to her although she may not be to others. I think this also shows beauty because
you don't have to be perfect to be beautiful. 
I chose a photo of a couple finding out they are pregnant for this because
I think that no one is more happy than when they find out they are going to have a family.

I picked this for courage because during 9/11 every one had courage these men
probably saved this man and I think this shows courage because these
men were willing to risk there lives for this man.
Kids to me have the most excitment, especially when playing with one another.
I chose this photo because I thought there emotions on there faces
really portrayed excitment.

I chose this photo for fear because you can see how he is feeling just by looking at his face, his
face tell a story. You my not know what he is scared of but there is defiantly something.

To me this photo shows loss for me because this mother is crying holding the body of her dead child.
This photo is very emotional and tells a very big story.

I chose this photo for pain because you can see him reaching out trying to get help, or get out of this
but either way you can see and imagine his pain.
For success I chose the Royals. I chose this because they worked so had and accomplished there goal.
They got what they were working for and to me thats what success is.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Feb. Blog Post

The high schools only turtle holds still for everyone
 to see during environmental club's live animal night. Environmental club
hosted a night for people to come out and learn about endangered animals and watch
"The Lorax". "Im not in environmental club but I really enjoyed being able to help and learn about the
animals, and I was really surprised that the animals that were there were all
endangered"said Freshman Jonathan Edens.