Wednesday, February 17, 2016

White-on-White Project Article Response

This type of photography can be easy if done right. I have always seen photos done like this and have always wondered how they did it. Once I found out how it is done I was surprised at how easy it was with the right photo. I plan on taking someone on a white background like a while wall and then just using a few tools on photoshop to get the look I want. I know how to get photos to have that white out look on photoshop in just a few steps like taking a photo turning it black and white then turning up the brightness until you get the look you want.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

High Key Photoshoot

     Before                                                                      After

Step 1- Put photo in photoshop
    Step 2- Image>Adjustments>Black and white->Ok
        Step Image>Adjustments>Brightness and Contrast
            Step 4-Slide the brightness bar to the right till you get the desired look

                Before                                                                               After

Step 1-Put image in photoshop
    Step 2- Image>Mode>Grayscale

              For this I Thought that the first technique that I did looked the best. I like that I could control how much white was put into the photo, it made the picture look better and more like a high key photo and not just a black and white like the second technique did. I liked this shoot because it made the photos look more interesting. I have done this before so i kind of knew what to expect and what to do.I do this alot when i think that the photo just needs a little more to make it look better/cooler.