Sunday, April 24, 2016

Thematic Photo Essay

These pictures below are what I think show Freedom, Love, Beauty, Enthusiasm, Courage, Excitement, Fear, Loss, Pain, and Success.

I thought this represented freedom because once you are out of high school/college you are free.
I thought this showed love because of the expressions on there faces
show that they are happy and the two older women
probably love that there is someone to be there with them.

I think this shows beauty because in that child's eyes there mom is still beautiful
to her although she may not be to others. I think this also shows beauty because
you don't have to be perfect to be beautiful. 
I chose a photo of a couple finding out they are pregnant for this because
I think that no one is more happy than when they find out they are going to have a family.

I picked this for courage because during 9/11 every one had courage these men
probably saved this man and I think this shows courage because these
men were willing to risk there lives for this man.
Kids to me have the most excitment, especially when playing with one another.
I chose this photo because I thought there emotions on there faces
really portrayed excitment.

I chose this photo for fear because you can see how he is feeling just by looking at his face, his
face tell a story. You my not know what he is scared of but there is defiantly something.

To me this photo shows loss for me because this mother is crying holding the body of her dead child.
This photo is very emotional and tells a very big story.

I chose this photo for pain because you can see him reaching out trying to get help, or get out of this
but either way you can see and imagine his pain.
For success I chose the Royals. I chose this because they worked so had and accomplished there goal.
They got what they were working for and to me thats what success is.

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